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How to Use Your Video Assets on Social Media

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

One of the brilliant things about creating videos is that you can use the finished product in numerous ways. If you create an intro video, for example, you can post this content to your homepage, your email newsletter and your YouTube channel. A single marketing video can account for endless traffic, engagement and lead generation. All you have to do is click the “share” button.

Today, we are going to look specifically at social media and how your video assets can support these channels. It’s estimated that by 2020, 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic will be from video. This is one avenue you want to be prepared for.

Create Short, Simple Videos

When working with your video production services in NJ, aim for short, instructional videos that explain how your products and services work. People turn to social media for tips, tricks and advice on how to make their lives easier. By making these types of videos from the start, you’ll have an arsenal of great content to post on social media.

Optimize for Mobile Browsing

For the most part, social media browsing takes place on mobile devices. Be sure to provide an optimal viewing experience for users. Your videos should look great on small devices, which means bold visuals and clear messages. Most social networks have introduced vertical video formats so that users can watch videos without having to turn their screens.

Use Custom Thumbnails

It’s the thumbnail that entices a person to click. Rather than using the one that is automatically generated for you, create your own custom thumbnail. Pay attention to what works well for your industry. For instance, a B2B company may benefit from a head short, whereas a B2C company will benefit from a product closeup.

Hook Viewers in First Three Seconds

This one is obvious, but it’s important to remind yourself of this when working on corporate video production in NJ. Don’t waste time building up your product. Hook viewers right away so they have a reason to stay. Keep in mind that most videos on social media play automatically, which means anyone who scrolls past your content will see these crucial first seconds.

Account for Muted Videos

You’ll often notice powerful voices in infomercials because people watch TV with the sound on. However, 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound

. Knowing this, use strong visuals that include images and on-screen text. It’s best to assume your viewers will watch your video with the sound muted.

Consider the Platform

Lastly, consider the social media platform that you are sharing your video assets to. Each one has a different tone and audience that you’ll want to consider. For the best results, work with video production companies in NJ to create videos that are unique to each platform.

Once you create videos for your company, it’s important to share them as much as possible. Be sure to use your video assets on social media to capture a wider audience, create more engagement and generate higher quality leads. To start your next video project, contact CVPNJ today.


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