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The Importance of Video Marketing - Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Updated: Jan 19

As you review your sales and revenue goals each month, it’s disheartening to realize how much time passes in between the time your prospect initially contacts you and the day the sale is closed. If you’re like many companies whose sales cycle is longer than you’d like, you are starting to realize that simple marketing pieces are not bringing in the anticipated results.

There’s an element of complexity that feels like a barrier to close a sale. If your business has a historically long and complicated sales cycle, you’ll want to speed up results by understanding the importance of video marketing, and adding a professionally produced video to your website. When we produce a video for you, we use the irresistible art of storytelling to bring the details of your company to life.

Importance of Video Marketing

Why Simple Marketing Channels Alone Don’t Work for You

When your company’s business structure has layers and twists and turns, standard web pages and social posts cannot adequately convey all the dynamics of your company: who you serve, how you work, who’s on your team, and how you fulfill your client’s requests.

Think of a fitness center that offers group programs, private training, modern spaces, special programs for different age groups in a beautiful, large and complex facility with a full team of employees. There’s so much to express to your audience; unfortunately people only spend so much time reading your material – or more likely, skimming through it quickly.

Here's the importance of video marketing: you can say you have an awesome team of employees – or you can capture their energy, movement and smiling faces on a video of them in action. People who ordinarily won’t navigate through 2 or 3 website pages, or would spend the time to read detailed content, are eager to watch a short and beautifully produced video.

A Professional Video Can Show What You Can’t Reveal

In a project we completed for a data center, the company owners wanted to show how safe and secure the center was. One problem – the public wasn’t allowed inside. The answer? Bring in the public and reap the benefits of video marketing! Just saying, “we employ the latest security technology to keep the data safe” was not enough. Potential clients want proof! In cases like this, you need to show the facility from the inside out with the power of a professionally executed and dynamic video. You can describe your safe, modern, well-equipped secure facility – or give a professionally produced guided tour of the whole property on video.

Because of this well crafted and thorough video, our clients were able to close more new business in a shorter amount of time than when they relied on written content alone.

The Result Is Clear –Videos Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Social media is helpful in amplifying your branding, but it’s not a sales tool. For your prospects to buy, they need much more. This is where the importance of video marketing becomes clear.

There’s so much information to convey and while websites are a must, you can’t assume prospects will take the time to read every word of your carefully crafted pages. Seeing is believing – and a video can paint a dynamic picture of just how your company wows its clients. They can see the energy, the details, and how your company fulfills customer demands. A company with professionally produced videos on their website will bring in more new business faster than those who rely on static material.

Reach out for a conversation on how video can help you beat your challenges and create great results.


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