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Time-lapse Video

With time-lapse, you can compress a process that took weeks, months, or even years to complete down to a few minutes or seconds of screen time. The effect is captivating. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate your organization's ability to bring projects to life, including large-scale construction jobs, installation of heavy machinery, rehabbing of buildings, and more.

Pro Quality

- 4K or 5K Images -

- Wide-Angle Options -

- Pro Video Editing -

- Color Correction -

- Pro Res Files -

High Tech

- Solar Power -

- Automatic Upload -

- Remote Viewing -

- Day & Night Modes -

- Shoot Scheduling -


- Cloud Backup -

- SD Storage -

- Weather Proof -

- Crush Proof -

- Status Updates -

Great Value

- Stress Free -

- Pro Quality -

- Progress Vids -

- Security Features -

- Al -

We often use time-lapse to show a long process. For example, time-lapse can show the construction of a building and the passage of time while showcasing the value of teamwork throughout the entire production process.

Why Use a Time-lapse?


Our Approach to Time-lapse

Our high-definition, waterproof, time-lapse cameras are solar powered and have staying power to record your project for months or even years without having to charge the batteries. 


Once we’re done shooting, the many raw still images are processed by our experts into one seamless video piece that is ready for editing. Since we use multiple cameras, we can capture scenes from multiple angles for more editing options.

Check out these examples of time-lapse videos we’ve created for our clients. Contact us to determine if time-lapse may enhance your next video project.

See how easy & enjoyable we make the process of creating a powerful custom video for you!

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