In a matter of minutes or seconds, time-lapse videos can show hours, days or even months of footage in one smooth video. Time-lapse video gives your viewers a quick inside look of what makes your business amazing. Show a long, tedious process in one short and sweet video with a time-lapse!

How do you think your target audience would rather learn about a process? By watching a time-lapse video or yawning their way through a PowerPoint presentation?

We often use time-lapse to show a long process. For example, time-lapse can show the construction of a building and the passage of time while showcasing the value of teamwork throughout the entire production process.

Why Use a Time-lapse?

Our Approach to Time-lapse
At CVP, we own six waterproof time-lapse cameras that are solar powered and have long battery lives. We can position these cameras and let them roll for an extended period of time without having to charge or change the batteries.

Once our time-lapse cameras are set up, they continually capture high-definition images. Since we have multiple cameras, we can capture scenes from multiple angles, which gives us more editing options.

Contrary to what some people may think, time-lapse footage isn’t ready to go as soon as the camera stops rolling. Once we’re done shooting, the raw images must be processed into a time-lapse movie by our editing experts, who weave all of the images together into one seamless piece.

Want to show a process, start-to-finish, in one seamless video? Check out some examples of time-lapse videos we’ve created for our clients. Then contact us and we’ll help you determine if time-lapse is the best technique for telling your story.

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