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Videos are the most effective form of digital communication. Adults spend more than 5 hours a day watching videos, and much of this content is beyond entertainment. People watch videos to increase their knowledge, remain updated and learn how to do things better.


Videos have become ubiquitous in our daily lives, and companies are leveraging this medium of communication to achieve various business goals. Explainer video production has proved highly effective in taking any complex procedure or service and streamlining the narrative to make it simple enough for anyone to understand.

Explainer videos can be used for:

  • Internal communication i.e. training, processes flow, safety procedures

  • External communication i.e. product or software features, packing & shipping, DIY, etc.

Why Explainer Video Production?

Explainer videos can be a powerful tool to:

  • Make complex processes easy to follow

  • Cost savings through reduced back and forth communication time on common processes

  • Save time and money with reduced mistakes on multipart tasks

  • Grab audience attention / make dull & lengthy information interesting & visual

  • Attract traffic to your website

  • Achieve higher lead generation and conversion rates

  • Get better ROI (which may be measured in terms of training KPIs, employee retention, marketing, brand loyalty, sales)

Storytelling: The Latest Trend in Explainer Video Production

Remember the tortoise and the hare story, which taught us a great life lesson? We probably wouldn’t have remembered the lesson without the story. Stories stick.


When we create explainer videos, the focus is on simplifying concepts and conveying these in a compelling and well-constructed narrative. The explainer videos we create for your business will be something that people can easily relate to. So, whether you wish to communicate your brand message to new recruits, explain processes and procedures to employees or explain your offering and their value proposition to customers, we make the message simple, yet memorable.

Different Formats of Explainer Videos

Although the term “video” is used to describe these, explainer videos can have different formats, including live action video, whiteboard animation, motion graphics or any combination of the three.


We work closely with your team to gain a deep understanding of your brand messaging and the goals you wish to achieve with explainer videos. Based on these, we can recommend the format that is best aligned with your messaging and goals.


The explainer video is then created in simple production stages which include iterations to incorporate your feedback.

Stages of Explainer Video Production

Briefing, Researching & Brainstorming: Our experts collect inputs and information about the required content, goals and target audience, along with details of style and references from the client. The team conducts a thorough research on the gathered data to finalize what is best suited for the client’s work-culture and brand image.


Pre-Production: After we agree on styling, expert scriptwriters provide a voice-over script based on the client’s needs and desired length of the video. This goes through multiple rounds, depending on changes requested by clients. Then, we outline a sketch based on the storyline. We create a rough outline of the video on paper.

Video Creation: Only after everything is finalized, we move onto the stage of explainer video production. Sketches and drawings come alive on-screen. These videos are created keeping in mind engaging the targeted audience on a deeper level.

See how easy & enjoyable we make the process of creating a powerful custom video for you!


Let us know what's on your mind and let's see if we can help accomplish your story telling goals!


15 Lakeshore Dr.
Red Bank, NJ 07701

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