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Facebook Video Ads Production Tips to Capture Engagement

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Each day, over 8 million videos are watched on Facebook. While these numbers indicate that plenty of people are actively engaged with Facebook videos, it also means that there is a lot of competition. How can you create video ads that stand out from the crowd? It is possible, and it all starts by working with a professional video production company in NJ that will ensure quality, consistency, and distinction.

Below are some of the production tips that we recommend when creating engaging Facebook video ads.

Create Square Videos

The software company Buffer recently spent $1,500 to find out what types of videos perform best on social media. The data showed that square videos outperformed landscape and letterbox videos in terms of engagement, views and reach. Other marketing agencies have come to the same conclusions.

You might also want to experiment with vertical videos because they, too, are mobile-friendly and take up more real estate in the Facebook news feed.

Design for Your Audience

When creating a video, be sure that it’s designed for your audience. What frustrations do they have? What problems are they trying to solve? Your video should speak directly to your customers' pain points.

Once the video is created, you can choose the audience you want to share it with. Facebook offers two options to help with this:

Preferred audience. Choose the people you want to reach based on their interests and “liked” pages.

Audience restrictions. Limit who can see your video to avoid wasting money on people who won’t convert.

Capture Attention within the First 3 Seconds

People have short attention spans, so the first three seconds are crucial. Through experience, a seasoned full-service video production company will help you make the biggest impact in the first few seconds. A few ways that CVPNJ achieves this is by uploading custom thumbnails, using high impact shots & powerful audio right from the start of the video, and adding captions for Facebook video ads to draw in people scrolling on their Facebook feed.

Add Captions

85% of videos are watched without sound. Add captions so users can easily watch your videos wherever they are - on a train, at the doctor’s office or during their lunch break. As people scroll through their news feed, the captions allow them to understand your video. Captions must be added when uploading your video to Facebook through an accompanying SRT (Subtitle File), or created on screen during editing.

Tap for Sound

Even though a lot of people watch videos with captions, make it easy for them to play the video with sound. The best way to do this is by allowing viewers to tap for sound. With a simple tap, the audio will start playing. If the user decides to mute the sound, they just have to tap again.

Upload Videos Natively

One last tip is to upload your videos natively to Facebook. “Natively” means that the videos have been uploaded directly to a network and played in the feed rather than uploaded from somewhere else. Research shows that native videos perform better on Facebook than those posted with links from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Creating effective Facebook video ads starts with partnering with the right corporate video production company. Together, you can create engaging videos that capture your audience’s attention and nurtures them throughout your sales funnel. To discuss your next video project, contact the video production experts at CVPNJ today.


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