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At Custom Video Productions, we have a private studio on premise that can be used for video and photoshoots. Our studio is a full-time quiet, controlled space reserved for shooting. This allows us to offer a space for our clients to quickly and comfortably shoot a professional video with broadcast-quality audio.

There’s no setup involved. No lighting adjustments. No changing of camera angles. The studio is ready to go when you get here. We can add your script to the teleprompter, or a member of our team can interview you to extract the information we need to create an efficient video for you.

Why use a studio?
A studio gives you the space and freedom to get the perfect shot every time. In a studio, you can control the lighting, the cameras, and your subject any way you want to ensure you capture exactly what you are looking for.  At CVP, we can provide you the luxury of a studio space and expert editing.

Contact us to schedule your appointment in the CVP on-premise open studio. It’s the simplest, most cost-effective way to produce a professional video for your business.

See how easy & enjoyable we make the process of creating a powerful custom video for you!


Let us know what's on your mind and let's see if we can help accomplish your story telling goals!


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