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The State of Online Education

For the last several years, online education has maintained steady growth and has grown substantially faster than overall higher education enrollment. Here at Custom Video Productions, we’ve personally seen a crossover in corporate video production and online educational video production. As technology continues to improve the online educational experience - often through the use of professionally produced video content - these courses are becoming more and more attractive to businesses and students alike.

With both production and distribution costs continuing to drop, the creation of online courses is now accessible by schools & corporations large and small. Another major benefit of online education to your business is that students/employees are no longer bound by a geographic location, travel expenses or a busy schedule. And finally, the size of your classroom no longer matters as you can have hundreds or even thousands of students studying the same content simultaneously with little to no increase in overhead.

Educational Video Production Services

For the last several years the leadership team at Custom Video Productions has seen this as a major growth opportunity for our clients and has built an entire service line around these ever-emerging needs. Our team has become extremely effective and efficient in turning your classroom into a non-invasive video production studio as well as editing your educational content down into the perfect files ready to be delivered online.

Of particular note: Since 2016 we have continually produced several high-quality online video courses per year for Rutgers University. These courses are often staged in a live classroom environment and shot with multiple cameras, the sound is captured with high-quality microphones and everything is seamlessly tied together into a perfect edit in our editing suite. Even under tight deadlines, team CVP has produced an entire series of instructional videos for Rutgers University Business School ensuring students can access this valuable content for online educational purposes when they need to.

" The team at Custom Video Productions did an amazing job producing a series of instructional videos for Rutgers University Business School. With tight deadlines, they came through time after time delivering high-quality work that will be utilized by our students for online learning. Constantly exceeding our high expectations, we look forward to another successful year with team CVP. "

Rutgers University Business School

Peter Methot
Director of Executive Education

In addition to filming live classes to create online educational content, we’ve also worked straight from the course material bringing it to life through animated videos and informative voice-over.

As a leader among educational video production companies with years of experience in the field, we offer an array of services to produce exceptional educational video products. This includes products resulting from our e-learning video production and training video production services.

Whether in your office, classroom, our studio or any other place you need it we can help create a plan to masterfully capture your content for online educational distribution, expanding your reach exponentially.

Benefits of Educational Videos


Educational videos provide valuable information that is not only worthy to share but can also help industry professionals and businesses increase their knowledge-base to become leaders. As an experienced provider among educational video companies, we can produce educational videos that visually explain your course content engagingly and meaningfully.

We also produce videos that present animated infographic presentations, discuss current industry trends, teach employees particular skills, and/or explain complex processes. Additionally, we can take your most popular blog posts and/or important FAQs and convert them into highly informative and striking educational videos.

For more information about how our team in NJ can provide you with online educational video services, call us today at 732.930.2262 or leave us a message through our contact form.

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