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Pre Production

Each production we take on starts with a detailed discovery meeting & strategy session. This ensures that our team has clarity on exactly what we need to accomplish, what assets and challenges we have to work with, and gives us a chance to identify where the magic in YOUR STORY lies.


Once we've established the high level goals we move to the smaller, yet highly important details, such as location scouting, script writing, story boards, scheduling, talent acquisition, permits, and whatever your unique project requires.

While you think about the BIG picture we'll help work out all the little details that make a good video great.



With a detailed production plan in place we can start crafting the visual tone and capturing all required assets needed to effectively tell your story.


Whether we are working in a highly secured sensitive area or outside in nature, we proceed with professionalism and attention to detail.

Our experienced crews are equipped with high quality gear, and are well informed of what needs to be accomplished before arriving. This enables us to make the most of the time on location, and helps us guide the production ensuring every last detail is covered.

Post Production

With a hard drive full of stunning high definition footage, our editors pick up where production left off.


They start with a thorough review of the captured footage, sorting, labeling, cutting away the excess, and selecting the best shots to powerfully tell your story.

Line by line, shot by shot the story begins to unfold. First we deliver you a rough cut, then you have a chance to make revisions. Next, a fine cut and another opportunity for you and your team to guide us toward your vision.  


Once approved we sweeten the audio, color correct and export the final cut so you can deliver your message to the world.

See how easy & enjoyable we make the process of creating a powerful custom video for you!

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