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3 Video Marketing Tips

With the rise of the internet and social media, videos have become an essential part of today’s marketing strategies. Reports show that in the US alone, people spend $61.6 billion on these online ad formats. This is because around the world, video marketing reaches approximately 3.1 billion viewers. During the pandemic, lockdown restrictions were put in place and people spent more time on their phones. This put an even greater emphasis on video marketing as the go-to medium for companies all over the country. In 2021, most people spent an average of 100 minutes every day watching videos across multiple platforms. This includes content produced by companies to advertise themselves and increase brand awareness. But, with the influx of more videos being uploaded by different organizations, it is important to try and set yourself apart from everyone else. These are some video marketing tips that can help you do so:

1. Post regularly

The first thing people need to understand is that consistency is key when it comes to social media. This means that companies should be posting their video content regularly — not daily, but on a streamlined schedule. The reason behind this is that many social media platforms have algorithms that dictate whether or not posts will reach users. Sites like Instagram and Facebook reward accounts that upload content more consistently than others, increasing their overall engagement and visibility. If you are posting videos on these platforms, you should do so at least once a week. Not only will this address the issue of frequency, but it will also give your followers an idea of when they should actively tune in to your page.

2. Pay attention to trends and data

Another thing you should consider in video marketing is the trends and data you collect. Given the current landscape, a good knowledge of marketing should include being able to scrutinize data, understand the latest viewing trends, and being able to use this information to create a good marketing strategy. This will help you figure out what content you should produce, what your audience is expecting from your posts, and even what time and which days are best to upload on. Use the data to plan out your campaigns instead of making guesses so it will have a higher success rate. You can take into account demographics, which topics are getting the most clicks and views, and if users are actually drawn to your website based on the videos you are posting. Analytics are essential in video marketing because when used and understood correctly, you will see positive results.

3. Bring something new to the table

As mentioned earlier, the video marketing industry is highly saturated and competitive. It is important to release content that is different from everyone else’s. While it may be difficult to do this, experimenting with different styles and topics can be a step in the right direction. Other ways you can create unique content are by featuring loyal clients, creating personalized content, and utilizing cinematography techniques. This will help you make videos that are attention-grabbing and will help you draw more viewers in. Make sure to showcase the best side of your company and products to make an effective marketing campaign.


Here at Custom Video Productions, Inc., we can turn your creative ideas into reality. Our production team consists of highly skilled and talented individuals who are masters of their craft and focus on bringing results to the table. We help you make videos that will increase your web traffic through search engine optimization and artistic videography. Video marketing is the next big thing in advertising so companies should join the trend as it continues to grow. In the current marketing landscape, these are just a few tips to create a campaign that will bring success and attention to your organization.

Written and Submitted by: Althea Finleigh

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May 01, 2023

The tips are quite helpful, thank you.

I would like to add a few more words of my own... Don't forget to change the format and compress the video if you recorded it on your phone, for example interviewing or something else. This is easily done with a converter, click here and learn more about that. This will help you reduce the size of the video and upload it to any site.

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