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The Client
BIO-key is a leading developer of biometric technologies.  The company’s fingerprint hardware and software solutions are used by AT&T, NCR, World Bank, Mastercard, Cleveland Clinic and others across the globe.


BIO-key fingerprint scanners are compact, inexpensive and durable, they allow customers to experience biometric sign-in for just $39.99.  BIO-key scanners have been tested and qualified by Microsoft to operate / support Windows Hello, Microsoft’s biometric authentication platform for Windows 10.

The Challenge

Microsoft asked BIO-key to produce a video that would promote BIO-key fingerprint scanners – their use cases and the Windows Hello Story. The catch was Microsoft wanted the video within 20 days.

Vendor Selection
BIO-key’s goal was to find a vendor in New Jersey that had a track record of producing B2B / technology company videos at a fair market price and who could deliver enough creative expertise to meet the demands of Microsoft in such a tight timeline.


After inviting several video production agencies to provide capabilities presentations and to bid on the project, Custom Video was chosen for several reasons.  Team CVP demonstrated experience producing high quality creative B2B videos with that little something special added to the production.

Additionally the team from CVP was mature, professional and organized, they also were tactful when communicating ideas or suggestions.  BIO-key was also happy that CVP is producing videos right here in NJ therefore making it easy to collaborate throughout the project.

Video Production

With the help of CVP and their well defined processes, BIO-key’s marketing team was able to draft and submit a script in a timely manner.  The team at CVP reviewed the script, offered suggested edits and we all agreed on the final draft.

Next CVP began the pre-production process, aligning actors / actresses / locations, crew and collecting stock content.  Once everything was masterfully mapped out, BIO-key and CVP worked closely together to coordinate all the efforts from one shooting location to the next.

As the CVP editing team began putting the puzzle together they kept us well informed, made us part of the process and within days the team at CVP offered a peek at the first version of the Power of a Touch corporate marketing video.  It was outstanding and after some minor edits we were proud to share the video with Microsoft & the world.

The Outcome

Microsoft loved the Power of a Touch video!  They distributed the video company wide via an internal employee newsletter.  They proudly played the video at their premier tech event Microsoft Ignite and even commented “Power of a Touch is better than any video we produced for our biometric solutions.”

From a BIO-key perspective we hit a home run.  We produced a video that vastly exceeded expectations and completed the project within the required timeframe and budget.  BIO-key’s CEO, VP Marketing and entire sales team felt that the video produced by CVP was outstanding and helped forward a very important relationship with Microsoft.

Client Quote

“We had many moving parts to manage for this project and CVP’s experience and professionalism carried the project through to it’s ultimate success.  Our management team had very high expectations for the video and CVP exceeded those expectations. When you invest significant time and money into a video production you want it to deliver your message and maintain a shelf life in order to generate an ROI.  The Power of a Touch video is used to champion our message at trade shows, investor meetings and remains at the forefront of our marketing message, even a year plus later. When you work with CVP on a video project, you get the sense that it’s a piece of art that the CVP team takes very personally.  I’m not sure you’d get that sense working with another vendor.” Scott Mahnken, VP Marketing, BIO-key

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