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How Video is Changing the Face of Online Education

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Technology is innovative but disruptive - it changes the way things are done. For example, Uber and Lyft have changed the taxi industry; Airbnb has changed hospitality. And online video is changing education.

Thanks to online video and live streaming capabilities, more students are choosing to acquire higher education or specialized training at home. This is especially attractive at a time when college tuition rates are rising faster than financial aid. Corporations are also learning to harness the power of online education to upskill employs without the expense of travel.

Let’s explore why video is having such an impact on online education and how CVPNJ can help you create an interactive, online educational program for your educational institution or business.

Millions of students can access quality education.

Online learning only requires a device and a stable internet connection. Anyone who wants to complete their degree or add onto their education can take an online class. This levels the playing field, making it possible for all students to receive a quality education regardless of their circumstances. For example, a lower-income student living in a rural area can watch online videos from a reputable university or instructor and have the same opportunities as their more affluent peers.

Students can learn anytime, anywhere.

Traditionally, students learned in a classroom setting according to a predetermined schedule. While this is fine for full-time students, it’s not practical for those who are working or have other responsibilities. With educational videos, students can learn virtually anywhere - on the train to work, during their lunch break or at home while relaxing. This makes learning more pragmatic and less constrained.

Students receive immersive, personalized experiences.

With the help of educational video production services, online videos can be tailored to each student. Lessons utilize hard skills, soft skills and new technologies to create personalized, immersive experiences. Individualized lesson plans are easier for students to absorb and apply to their own life, making the curriculum more engaging and practical.

Competition is growing between schools.

With the rising cost of tuition, more students are taking their time to research academic options instead of committing to a four-year college. One of the best ways to remain competitive is by offering the latest technology, and this includes online courses and instructional videos. By working with a video production company, you can set the bar high and separate yourself from other schools. Not to mention, students will increasingly expect online and hybrid learning environments from your school.

Expanded Employee Skill Sets At a Lower Cost

In today’s competitive market place your employees must stay up to date with the latest industry trends, technology advancements and corporate initiatives. With the workforce more geographically spread out than ever, online corporate education has never been more important. You can now host an extensive training course and share it with your entire staff regardless of location without the overhead of hotels, car rentals, meals and space rental. This means a more highly trained workforce with huge cost savings.

What Does All This Mean for Your School?

The possibilities for online learning will continue to grow as long as we embrace new trends. Your college or university should not be afraid to adapt to this changing landscape, as implementing online courses and degree programs has never been more attainable.

CVPNJ creates high-quality, immersive videos for higher institutions. We focus on high quality instruction that gets students interested and engaged from the start. If you are curious to know what it would take to offer a sophisticated video course, contact our video productions headquarters in NJ for a quote.

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