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How to Create and Optimize a YouTube Video Asset

Digital assets are assets that we “own” in the digital world, such as websites, email IDs and apps. There are many types of assets, but today, we are going to talk about YouTube assets and how to optimize them for the best results.

YouTube assets mainly consist of videos, channels, subscribers and playlists. Videos are the most important assets, as people readily consume them thanks to improved internet connections. Consider that YouTube is the second largest search engine and the most visited site after Google and Facebook. Each minute, 400 hours of video are uploaded to the site, and one billion hours are watched on a daily basis. YouTube isn’t just popular - it rules the internet.

Let’s learn how to create and optimize YouTube video assets for the best performance.

Upload Great Content

Great content is the reason why people watch videos. You can’t afford to slack off, as one simple click will take viewers to another video. You must know how to capture your audience’s attention from the start and entertain them with interesting, engaging information. Some of the most popular content forms on YouTube include:

How-to guides and tutorials

Product reviews


Comedy/sketch videos

Shopping sprees

Video game walkthroughs

Unboxing videos

Educational videos



Use Good Audio

Bad sound is a major turn off for viewers, and they probably won’t give your videos a second chance. There are many technical steps you can take to improve sound, but your safest bet is to work with a video producer. These professionals know which microphones to use, how to limit background noise and how to incorporate audio effects.

Write a Catchy Title and Description

The YouTube algorithm ranks videos based on their titles, so craft an appealing title that includes the right keywords. Your description appears below the title and describes what the video is about in more detail. Many users read this and decide whether the video is right for them.

Include a Thumbnail and Preview

To further optimize your videos, choose an enticing thumbnail. This is another element that gets people to click, so select a thumbnail that accurately represents your video. It should be clear - not fuzzy or hard to make out. YouTube also gives the option to run a preview for 10-20 seconds to help people decide if they want to watch your video.

Add Tags and a Call to Action

To complete your video asset, add tags. Some of these tags help YouTube rank your video, and others give credit to the people, songs, products, etc. that were used in your video. Lastly, add a call to action that tells people what you want them to do after watching your video. Do you want viewers to visit your website? Like and comment? Tell them!


YouTube video assets are an important part of your online presence. By creating and optimizing your videos correctly, you can build a professional image and bring qualified leads to your business. With so much competition on YouTube, you don’t have room to make lackluster videos. For the highest quality picture, sound clarity and editing, work with a professional video producer who will take your video productions to the next level.

For an even more comprehensive resource of video marketing trends and stats check out this in depth article:


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