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Drones Have Revolutionized Aerial Photography. Here’s How.

Drone technology has revolutionized various industries and the photography & video industry will never be the same. Drones have made it possible to capture high quality video and pictures from vantage points that previously reserved for those with large budgets as they took a tremendous amount of time, money and effort to acquire. Now we can help you get those jaw dropping shots with our drone cinematography services. We have the equipment,expertise and certifications to capture the images you used to only dream of.

People have sought the elusive bird’s eye view pictures and video for over 100 years. However, until relatively recently, only the military, hobby enthusiasts, and people with access to helicopters & planes have been able to successfully obtain them. Now it seems technology has allowed virtually anyone to obtain and fly a drone to capture images from above but at CVP we’ve been doing it for a long time, and we blend decades years of cinematography with years of practice flying. Our pilots have the skill to maneuver the drones and set the precise camera settings in a way to capture the best video and photographs of your assets..

There are many reasons someone might want to use a drone. We can help you decide what images will suit your needs the best. We can provide the cinematic excellence you require for your needs. These images can be used for some of the following reasons:

Real Estate

Developers can use drone images of their property to give potential investors, tenants or buyers a better view of how the property is situated in relation to key areas of significance i.e. (train station, city, beach, mountain side, park, the surrounding neighborhood, etc. . This new perspective helps gain a better understanding of the additional value of the property which often can’t be shown from the ground. Also unique features like rooftop decks, pools and skyline views can be show with unparalleled beauty.

Outdoor Events

Very unique pictures and video can be captured to really emphasis the scale of your audience and setting of your event. This perspective won’t replace the human connection created from images shot from the ground, which is also quite important to your marketing efforts. However, getting a unique perspective from above can give you a much more impactful content to work with when cutting your highlight reel and preparing marketing photos for social, web or print use. .

Travel Marketing

How much more impactful is it to see a dynamic floating video of a majestic vacation destination instead of still photos taken from the ground. If you are looking to market a resort,vacation destination, cruise or luxury villa, drone imagery is a must have to truly excite your potential visitors. video and pictures would be a valuable resource.


Regardless of your business, we can help put together a marketing campaign using drone footage. You can get images that no one else owns to help sell your product or service. Showcase your location, large or moving products, outdoor services or even target communities or create your own unique content library.

Having unique pictures and videos to accompany your promotional materials gives you an advantage over the competition.

As technology advances, new applications for drones are emerging. For instance, technology is making it possible to take drones under water and allow them to land on water. Yes, we are excited to learn and grow as this tech evolves! We have the interest, experience and passion to meet new technology needs and continue to get you the images, both still and video, that give you the greatest impact possible.

We always offer custom video creation to suit any need. By offering high quality land and aerial photography service, we have been able to satisfy an impressive array of needs. So, give us a call and we can help you evaluate your needs and find a solution that is good for you.


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