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The Client

Green Machine ARS, a niche tech company focused on technical training for the food service industry is located on the waters edge of Sewaren, New Jersey.

Building off of 40 years experience of their parent company, ARS (Associated Restaurant Services) they stand at the forefront of revolutionizing Virtual Training for the digitally-savvy workforce of Starbucks.

Their Training & Support Platform is a synthesis of cutting-edge techniques - from engaging micro-learning video modules that cater to the brisk pace of modern learners, to immersive 3D interactive tours that bring equipment handling to life. Green Machine ARS is not just training; it's captivating  & upskilling the new generation of retail professionals.

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The Challenge

"Condense our intricate technical training, which typically takes half a day, into a captivating, one-hour interactive video course. Ensure the videos are dynamic, bite-sized learning modules, designed to resonate with the Gen Z workforce."

Tailored to meet the distinctive needs of Starbucks' team members (Partners), the Green Machine Training & Support Platform heralds a new era in Technical Training for the Gen Z demographic. Trainees engage with the app because of its user-friendly, gamified interface that includes spontaneous pop quizzes, vivid 3D immersive tours, and an experience-point XP driven learning journeys, complete with leaderboards to foster a spirit of healthy competition and accomplishment.

The challenge involved devising a comprehensive video content strategy that aligns seamlessly with this innovative platform, along with the production of all 98 modules, adhering to rigorous specifications and quality standards, all within a demanding two-month timeframe.

The Solution

At CVP, strategy is the cornerstone of every intricate project we undertake. Our approach goes beyond merely understanding the audience, purpose, and key performance indicators of the delivery platform. We delve deep, transforming into subject matter experts in our clients' industries, ensuring that each project not only excels in creative execution but also succeeds at a business level.

To deliver this lofty goal, we engaged in hands-on training sessions with ARS technicians. Our guide through this enlightening journey was none other than Tony Busicchia, the Lead Technician at ARS. With a decade of experience in leading Live Training for Starbucks, and an instrumental role in the Virtual Training Platform since its inception in 2021, Tony provided us with invaluable insights into common technical challenges and solutions in beverage equipment.

Our solution materialized in the form of a meticulously crafted production booklet. This comprehensive guide includes clearly articulated Q&A sections and scripted micro-learning modules, all designed for seamless delivery via teleprompter in a live training production environment.

An exciting addition to this project was the incorporation of 3D animation. Adding the 3D into the live video, provided a visual aid for complex processes and hard-to-film interior components, thereby enhancing the learning experience & user engagement.


Video Production

Leveraging the dynamic blend of live video and complementary motion graphics animation, our production unfolded in a café-styled classroom, co-created within the bustling warehouse of the ARS.

The transformation began with dedicating an entire morning to meticulously crafting a studio-quality setting amidst a backdrop stacked with new and refurbished coffee machines and refrigerators.

In an intriguing twist, our client directed the proceedings remotely from Costa Rica, necessitating a seamless live stream of our camera feed for their real-time approval. This was intricately coordinated alongside video conferencing and simultaneous shooting. Over the next two days, we embarked on a detailed filming spree, shot by shot, process by process. Each crucial step was captured with precision, focusing on enhancing the Partners' equipment knowledge, encapsulating every nuance of the technical training in a vivid and engaging manner.

After the first course, "Beverage Grind & Water" was completed we collaborated on addional course, tips and tricks and a quick hero video for Green Machine's home page.

Green Machine Home Page Hero Video


The Outcome

Ultimately, Green Machine, ARS has successfully integrated hundreds of micro-learning videos into their sleek and intuitive learning platform. These concise, short-form videos are expertly tailored to resonate with their target audience, offering immediate and impactful learning experiences. This rich library of content not only simplifies the learning journey but also ensures that the desired results are delivered efficiently and effectively, perfectly aligning with the fast-paced, dynamic needs of today's learners.

Client Quote

"Our trainee testimonials and their performance increases are both a testiment to the quality work that CPV delivers and  why we keep coming back for more."

~Ryan Nedza, C

Making the Complex Simple
Snippet from the actual course

Services Provided

Planning & Strategy, Script Writing, Custom Illustration, Motion Graphics Animation, 3 D Animation, Logo Animation, On Location Video Production, Voice Over, Video Editing, Video Mastering Audio Editing & Compression.


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