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The Client


Halcyon Still Water, LLC is a Red Bank, New Jersey based financial software firm who has developed a game changing application that literally rewrites the way financial institutions do business. From marketing to client retention the tech play is sheer briliance. 

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The Challenge

"Help us explain our software solution in 3 minutes or less so we can use the other 57 minutes of our meeting discussing client specific challenges, requirements & customizations."

This revolutionary software offers a robust suite of virtual tools, predictive analytics, AI, data sets, tech integrations, insight reports, customizations and benefits, for institutions, advisors and their clients. It's so diverse and complex it became very difficult to explain, especially in a short time. 

When pitching some of the worlds largest financial institutions, Halcyon typically gets one hour and they were spending most of that time explaining the software features and functionality. If they did well it took 45 minutes and the potential client wasn't more confused than when they started. 

The Solution

The most complex marketing challenges are usually conquered through a sound strategy, ensuring you've thought through your goals, audiences, delivery mechanism, assets, opportunities and so on. Together we laid a solid foundation leveraging our Video Blueprint Method in which we do a deep dive ensuring we know exactly where we are goin and how we are getting there before our team starts running.

This extensive planning process was critical to Team CVP clearly understanding Halcyon, their goals, product offerings, audiences, user types, features and the industry as a whole so we could relay the most high impact points quickly & clearly while keeping the viewer engaged and entertained.

In the end we decided that the best approach to accomplishing Halcyon's goals was to rely heavily on motion graphics to do the heavy lifting and a concise script to drive it home.

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Video Production

Since we relied majorly on Motion Graphics Animation the production process started with the design of numerous art directions running in tangent with script writing. This dual pronged approach ensured we met our ambitious deadline.

Once Halcyon and the Creative Team agreed on the visual stylings we created story boards to lay the foundation and match the visuals with the voice. From there we got busy designing tons of supporting graphics and had the project designed before anything was brought to life with 2D animation.

Our animators created preliminary animation samples to ensure our vision was in alignment with Halcyon's helping avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road. 

After the first video was completed we decided to rely solely upon motion graphics animation and stock video for the second video. This allowed us to really focus on the edit and keep production costs down.

A redux of the "Just Push Play" video was cut down to almost half the length and worked perfectly to speak to an alternate audience. Leveraging the original edit as the basis helped with both the timeline and budget stay trim.

Just Push Play - Intro Video

Clients For Life - Advisor Market

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The Outcome

The final outcome is three custom videos that fulfilled our clients requirements while bringing to life their brand's voice and vision. The two short videos live on Halcyon's website and get used in trade shows while the longer video is the tee up for their main client presentations behind closed doors. 

Client Quote

"We've got tons of great feedback on the videos and we now have the time we need in our meetings to cover the important stuff and not just listen to ourselves talk in our meetings."

~Kirk Donaldson, CEO

Just Push Play - Intro Video - Full Length

Services Provided

Video Blueprint / Planning & Strategy, Script Writing, Custom Illustration, Motion Graphics Animation, Logo Animation, On Location Video Production, Voice Over, Video Editing, Video Mastering Audio Editing & Compression.

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