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The Client
The Costa Rica based online yoga & wellness yoga education platform, offers unlimited monthly yoga, health & fitness classes in Spanish.  Even more impressive is their specialized online CEU courses for yoga teachers and advanced practitioners, we beleive this is where VidaOM really delivers value to their students. 

The Challenge

CVP was tasked with producing (planning, shooting, editing, and launching) 65+ classes (20-75min each) and 5 courses (ranging from 3.5hrs to 20+hrs) within 6 months of going live.  

To add to the already massive list of deliverables the creative team at CVP also had to shoot tons of original photography + video for marketing and promotions as well as build a beautiful web platform capable of managing users, payments, and video streaming on demand.


Oh did we mention that almost all the content was in Spanish which isn't our native language?!?

Vendor Selection
Custom Video Productions (CVP) and the VidaOM founders have collaborated on dozens of projects over the last few decades through other business ventures so it was a natural fit.

"From the start, we knew team CVP would help us pull off this massive and exciting undertaking."


Video Production

Due to the colossal scope of the project, speed was of the essence.

"When CVP recommended live-switch editing of the online educational content it sounded almost too good to be true. Fortunately for us, it wasn't!"

After some initial tests, the production team defined a rapid and high-quality production process that kept our videos looking professional and our turn around time to a minimum. 

"Every class had at least 2 camera angles that were live edited as they were being shot. And even more practical & impressive than numerous camera angles were that our courses had a live feed of the instructors' powerpoints, simultaneously being captured and edited into near-perfect rough cuts. It was such a releif to see the process take shape and the quality remain so good!"

Web Distribution
Having tons of great content is only half the battle in online education. Your proprietary content is only as good as the platform it is delivered upon. To help take things to the next level, CVP's creative team even helped with the web design and structuring of the course creation interface. 

On top of seamlessly serving up educational videos, the web platform also has the ability to manage users, accept payments, create special offers, take quizzes, download additional course assets, create marketing funnels, manage email lists, and even program unique customer marketing sequences


The Outcome

The online education platform launched on time, on budget, and with tons of professionally produced content to enrich the lives of its students. 

“Our students love the classes!” said Luana Fara, Director, and Founder of VidaOM. “The production quality of videos & photos are constantly being complimented. There was a tremendous amout of work from both our side (the client) and CVP's to pull this off. The communication and collaboration was right on from the start. We couldn't be more pleased with the support we received throughout, and the end product speaks for itself." 

Client Quote
“We couldn't be happier with our selection of CVP as our Online Education Video & Web Production Partner on this project! It's clear that they have extensive knowledge & expertise in the online education space. If you are looking for a Video Production Partner to help you enter the online education market or to refine your existing production practices, it's worth your time to have a conversation with this stellar team.”


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