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The Client

Interfaith Neighbors, Inc. is a non-profit organization established in May 1988 to combat the issue of homelessness and to assist those less fortunate among us to meet life’s basic necessities. The organization helps improve the quality of life for individuals, families and the communities in which they live.


Over the years, their services have grown to now include eight distinct programs serving all of Monmouth County. Rental & Mortgage Assistance, Nutrition and Meals on Wheels, Affordable Housing, Neighborhood Revitalization, the Business Development Center, the Kula Café, and the Kula Urban Farms all serve the Monmouth County community.

Now after 32+ years close to 50 denominations of local faith-based groups have joined Interfaith Neighbors to ensure the community is cared for.

The Challenge

Interfaith Neighbors had a 30th Anniversary Celebration and needed a fundraising video that gracefully explained their impact in a cinematic fashion while leading to an increase in donations. They also needed Custom Video Productions to produce the video in such a way so that we could edit 30-second videos for each of the eight distinct programs mentioned above from the footage shot for the 30th Anniversary Celebration video. That took planning. And planning is only half the battle.

Vendor Selection

Interfaith Neighbors needed a production company in New Jersey who had a background in exceptional fundraising videos with strong storytelling capabilities that could deliver in a hard and tight deadline leading up to their important anniversary event.


After meeting with several video production companies, CVP was selected for fulfilling Interfaith Neighbors’ requirements while demonstrating our professionalism, creativity, and organization. They saw in us our commitment to delivering a superior product and creating a painless client experience that allowed them to plan for their 30th Anniversary Celebration during the production timeline for the project.

Video Production

The team at CVP worked in tandem with Interfaith Neighbors to create the script and structure for the 30th Anniversary Celebration video, as well as the interview questions asked to every interviewee - ranging from those helped by their eight programs, staff members, and Interfaith Neighbors’ leadership.


CVP’s creative team mapped out a detailed shot list to have the entire production planned out, not only for the 30th Anniversary Celebration video but also for the 30-second videos covering the eight programs. With all of the planning in place - including coordinating interviewees, locations, and crew - CVP precisely executed upon said planning to get everything done efficiently and professionally. Smooth sailing is our standard operating procedure.

At CVP, we believe in accountability and transparency - that’s why Interfaith Neighbors had access to updates on all of the videos and their edits through powerful online storage that we utilize to empower our clients and allow them to provide feedback quickly and remotely.

The Outcome

The final results were stunning and powerful videos that captured the spirit of “Neighbors helping neighbors,” the slogan for Interfaith Neighbors’ 30th Anniversary Celebration and the near immeasurable impact they have had on their community. Interfaith Neighbors loved the videos - the main video played at the 30th Anniversary Celebration and achieved the goals Interfaith Neighbors and CVP set out to complete.


The videos, years later, still sit proudly on Interfaith Neighbors’ website and are used in fundraising efforts to continue to expand their great works!

Client Quote

“I was so busy planning the 30th-anniversary gala, the team at CVP helped me stay on track to keep the video project moving along smoothly, they were a pleasure to work with.”

Stephanie Ferrier
Senior Development Officer, and Project Lead

Interfaith Neighbors

What They Are Up To Now
As of now, Interfaith Neighbors is hard at work ensuring that senior citizens can safely get their meals through the Monmouth County Meals on Wheels program. Interfaith Neighbors has put other programs on hold to ensure they help stop the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Check out the linked article for more information on Interfaith Neighbors’ work during this pandemic!

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