Meridian Health Affiliated Foundations Turns to CVP for Annual Gala Video

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The Meridian Health Affiliated Foundations, which includes all of the Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex County foundations in the Hackensack Meridian Health family of not-for-profit hospitals and community health programs, holds a number of events throughout the year. The annual Meridian Health Affiliated Foundations’ Gala is their largest fundraising event. The 2016 gala, held in November, honored the 50-plus people who served on the legacy Meridian Health board of trustees.

Each year, the organization produces a video for the gala. The first part of the video for the 2016 gala would focus on the founding members who have been involved since Meridian Health was formed. Traditionally, the second part of the video was a “grateful patient” piece. This year, however, they wanted to try something different. They wanted to use animation to highlight their “Giving Heals” campaign.

In addition to recognizing the honorees, the video would inspire people to think about what “giving heals” really means. In other words, the healing powers of generosity benefit not just those who receive a gift, but those who give. If you give a gift or exhibit generous behavior, you often inspire others to do the same.

This approach was considered a bit of a risk because they had never used animation for a major event. Also, gala attendees have come to expect the “grateful patients” portion of the video. The key was to choose a company that could see the vision and make it work while staying true to the foundation’s brand.

Meridian had worked with Custom Video Productions (CVP) on smaller projects, but nothing of this scope and importance. When they met with CVP about producing a video for their annual gala, they were impressed from the start.

“Noreen (Noreen Miller, Business Development, CVP) shared examples of both video and animation pieces,” said Marisa Tranchina, Public Relations Specialist, Meridian Health Affiliated Foundations. “We were impressed with the quality of the work and how detail-oriented Noreen was. We also loved that they’re local. Being able to sit down with an editor to make sure we’re capturing the right tone and information is very comforting.”

Meridian Health Affiliated Foundations had a clear vision for their video with regards to the overall structure and goals. They knew what they wanted. Our job was to take their direction and tell their story in a way that connected with their audience.

“I give a lot of credit to Alex (Alex D’Amore, Senior Editor and Motion Graphics Designer, CVP),” said Tranchina. “We showed her examples of animation that we liked, but she brought our vision to life. She’s extremely talented.”

The production and approval process was seamless as CVP worked closely with Meridian Health Affiliated Foundations to ensure that deadlines were followed, materials and documentation were provided, and expectations were met. The video premiered at the Meridian Health Affiliated Foundations’ Gala. Although immediate feedback during the event is unusual, several attendees made it a point to share their feelings about the video.

“The comments were all positive,” said Michelle Casserly, Director of Special Events, Meridian Health Affiliated Foundations. “People loved the feel and message of the video, which showed the importance of bringing people together and focusing on what’s important.”

Since the event, Hackensack Meridian Health has shared the video via social media, email, internal communications, and e-newsletters. The video has also been presented during board meetings. They plan to expand the use of the video as part of an ongoing campaign for the next two years.

“We’ve worked with several video production companies over the years and CVP definitely stood out as one of the best,” said Casserly. “They moved quickly, produced great work and paid attention to detail. We always felt like we were their only client.”

Watch the video CVP produced for Hackensack Meridian Health here: