CVP Newsletter May 2017

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perdueCustom Video Productions is proud to be working with Wakefern Food Corp. and ShopRite. The video featuring Jim Perdue, Chairman of Perdue Farms and Natalie Crowe, Registered Dietitian, announces the ShopRite Kitchens no antibiotics ever rotisserie chicken, ShopRite is partnering with Perdue in bringing new and better ways to feed your family. An informative video like this allows ShopRite and Perdue to introduce their partnership directly to the consumer. What makes these videos powerful is that they not only inform, but they make it personal. Whether your business is food service or healthcare, personal is always better. Customers want to see where their product or service comes from and a video can help you do that. Check out the video and see how you could benefit from Custom Video Productions.




open studioAs a business owner, you’ve already been selling yourself for years. You go to trade shows and give your pitch, but who are you really reaching? In the modern business world, no one is reading your ad in a magazine or looking at a billboard. The new generation is turning to social media and the smartphone in their pockets for information. So why not take that passion for your business and put it into a creative and impactful video that is guaranteed to expand your reach. Your greatest salesperson is limited to giving their pitch one location at a time, but a video has the power to reach the world with the click of a button. According to Huffington Post, a person checks their phone 85 times a day, so having your video on their screen is like having a salesperson that works around the clock to get your story out there. We know change is hard, which is why Custom Video Productions offers our full-time Open Studio services. You already have a story to tell, simply bring it in and let our team help you create an invaluable tool to reach the new adventure. Check out this example of an Open Studio Video produced for Ron Cohen introducing The 20/20 plan. Don’t let your story go untold, contact Custom Video Productions today!




lennoxWhen the Lennox Group wanted a video to introduce their new cat litter, Alta Gama, they turned to the team at CVP for help telling their story. Custom Video Productions created a video that demonstrates the benefits of their product and highlights their commitment to offering products that are reasonably priced and work effectively without harming the environment, pets or humans. A video like this is perfect to showcase your product to potential clients in a creative and visual way that will be more effective than a brochure could ever be. You can even attract customers to your website. Who wants to read a description of your product when they can watch how it works! Check out to learn more about Alta Gama cat litter and contact the team at CVP so we can help you craft the perfect demonstration video for a new way to reach your audience.