Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard animation is another powerful storytelling tool in the CVP shed. We’re not big on rules here at CVP, and we love the fact that whiteboard animation has no creative limits. It has no boundaries. Unless you think an imagination has boundaries.

Why Use Whiteboard Animation Video?

If you want to show a lecture hall being filled with 600 people, you don’t have to go to a lecture hall, and you don’t have to hire 600 actors. You just need the right software and a professional with artistic vision and imagination to make it happen.

Suppose you want to turn that lecture hall into a body of water and those 600 people into 600 fish. That’s the kind of vision that whiteboard animation can make a reality. Your story can have as many twists, turns, shapes, colors and characters as you’d like. Speed up your story. Slow it down. Pause. Go backwards. No rules, remember?

Use whiteboards to illustrate a process, train employees, or demonstrate how a product works. Break down complex concepts or processes in a way that’s fun, interesting and easy for the average Joe to understand. When it comes right down to it, there is no story that a whiteboard – and CVP – can’t tell.

Tap into the far reaches of CVP’s creative brain with whiteboard animation video. Check out some samples of our favorite whiteboards, and contact us to tell your story on a whiteboard.