On-Premise Open Studio

Some people convert their garages into extra bedrooms or man caves. We converted the CVP garage into a full-time studio with green screen capabilities. This allowed us to offer one of our most popular services – an open studio, where you can quickly and easily shoot a professional video with broadcast-quality audio in a controlled environment.

Clients love the open studio because they can get in, shoot the video, and leave. There’s no set up involved. No lighting adjustments. No changing of camera angles. The studio is ready to go when you get here. We can add your script to the teleprompter, or a member of our team can interview you to extract the information we need to create a mini-movie with you as the star.

If you’ve never been on camera, that’s okay. We’ll suggest what to wear and not to wear, and even provide basic makeup.. The idea is to make it as easy as possible to create a video, with coaching from some of the most talented, experienced folks in the business.

Contact us to schedule your appointment in the CVP on-premise open studio. It’s the simplest, most cost-effective way to produce a professional video for your business.