Aerial Drone Cinematography

America seems to be in love with drones. Drones have become the cooler, more modern version of remote control helicopters. Funny thing is, CVP was using drones long before you could buy them in stores. We actually built our own drone years ago and captured some phenomenal footage of Rutgers University, Monmouth Park Racetrack and other places before drones were banned in certain locations.

A lot of photographers and video production companies are still kicking the tires with drones. Still experimenting. At CVP, drone technology is a proven commodity for providing a breathtaking bird’s eye view. We mastered the technique a long time ago, and we know the right times and the wrong times to use drones. For us, drones are just one more storytelling tool in the CVP shed.
As for the drones themselves, ours are custom-built units that fly higher, longer, and with more stability than an off-the-shelf drone that’s little more than a toy. We have two professional flyers who operate the drones, one of whom is a certified pilot with 333 Exemption. And don’t worry, we’re fully insured.

Give us a shout to learn more about aerial drone cinematography and find out if drones are right for your project. If not, we have plenty of other tools to help bring your story to life.